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The study of English provides students with sophisticated skills to understand the world around them and to also contribute to the community in which they live. The development of a student’s ability and skill to understand and use language accurately is the key focus of all English classes from Year 9 to Year 13.

Students are taught to understand ideas and information through the skills of reading, listening and viewing. Students also create their own texts and meaning through speaking, writing and presenting. English is challenging, but also rewarding and fun. Students write poems, short stories, learn to write accurate literary essays, deliver speeches, make posters and produce short films. English is language in action.

All students learn to write thoughtfully and accurately, knowing and using the rules of grammar, becoming original and creative thinkers and writers. By the time a student is in Year 13 he or she is a skilled writer, a confident reader of literature, a mature speaker and a creative producer of visual text. An all-round language and literature specialist who is prepared for the next stage in life.

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