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Nigel Latta - School Report - What's Going On

On TV 1 on Tuesday 5 August there was an excellent precis done by Nigel Latta on how well our schools are doing, a link to which is above.  All parents should watch this report.  It argues strongly that our current schools and teachers are doing an excellent job, it endorses NCEA over other qualifications which some schools are offering, it states that there are no advantages in sending students to private schools over state schools in our country, it clearly shows that many of the best schools in our country are low and middle decile schools who are making the most difference with students' learning and it points out the problems with reading too much into National Standards.  Mr Latta refers on a number of occasions to the esteemed international education researcher from New Zealand, John Hattie, which in itself gives Mr Latta's opinions a great deal of credibility.  All of these issues above are ones that I have raised on frequent occasions publicly in recent years.  I found myself agreeing with everything that Mr Latta had to say in this excellent programme.

As I predicted, the Confirmed Education Review Office Report is very positive about education at Morrinsville College.  I am pleased with the findings of this independent external audit team and of their endorsement of the hard work and very good progress made by staff and the Board over the last four-and-a-half years since the 2009 review.

The team has decided that ERO is likely to carry out the next review in three years’ time.  The main reason for this shorter review time is that we still have to do better in lifting the success of our Maori boys in particular, as prioritised by Government.

The following comments have been provided to me for this newsletter by Mrs Jeanette Cameron, our Board Chair.


The Board of Trustees is very pleased with the contents of the report issued by the Education Review Office following their visit to the school last term.  The following are direct quotes of comments we are particularly pleased with:

 “Students learn in a friendly, caring school culture promoted by the CLEAR principles – Contribute, Listen, Engage, Achieve and Respect.”

“Teachers establish positive and caring relationships with students.  They are increasingly focusing on individual and small-group coaching and mentoring to better support students to achieve success.”

“School leaders and teachers are increasing the use of student achievement information to make positive changes to learners’ engagement, progress and achievement.”

“The Morrinsville College curriculum effectively promotes and supports student learning across all areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.  School leaders design learning pathways in response to students’ interests and future needs.’

“Students who require additional learning support are identified and monitored.”

“A range of student leadership opportunities include school and house leaders, peer and academic mentors and Maori student leaders (amokura).”

“Recent priorities in teacher development have included a strategic focus on seeking student feedback about the learning programmes.  Teachers are also enquiring into, and reflecting on, the effectiveness of their own practice.”

“The school continues to promote educational success for Maori as Maori.”

“The school is well-placed to sustain and improve its performance because:

  • The Board of Trustees places high priority on student wellbeing and success and works closely with the Principal and Staff in promoting the school’s strategic goals
  • The Principal is knowledgeable, experienced and leads by example.  He has established strong connections within education and the wider community and is well-supported by a collaborative and capable senior leadership team
  • Learning area leaders provide effective curriculum implementation and support for teachers
  • School leaders and staff introduce programmes and initiatives to improve student wellbeing and the school culture for learning.”

The Board believes that this report will reassure the community that their local college is continuing to work hard to improve outcomes for all of our students.

A full copy of the ERO Report is available on our website, or if you would like a hard copy please contact the school Office.

Jeanette Cameron – Board Chair

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