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All parents should have received a voting paper and candidate statements for the Mid-Term Board elections.  Voting closes on Friday 14 November at 12 noon.



KIRSTY GILROY (Current Co-opted Board Member)

I was co-opted onto the Board in 2013 and I am on the Finance, PTA and Personnel Committees. 

I grew up in Wairoa, Hawkes Bay and attended Wairoa College and then Lethbridge Collegiate Institute in Canada for my final year of schooling.  I initially attended CIT in Wellington before travelling overseas and living in England for two years.  On my return I earned my degree in Applied Social Sciences (Psychology), Diploma of Business Management, Diploma of Psychology and Diploma of Organisational Psychology, before going on a few years later to earn my Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Primary) at the University of Waikato.  I have been teaching at Tauwhare School since 2009 but also have an employment background in counselling, administration in general medical practice and office management.

I am married to Mike, who contracts to Fonterra as a stainless steel fabricator.  Together we have two children who are students at Morrinsville College, currently in Years 9 and 10.  We moved from Wairoa to Morrinsville in 2000 and Morrinsville is a place that we are proud to call ‘home’.  I strongly believe in local education for local families and that Morrinsville College is in an ever-strengthening position to offer a quality education for all of our students. 

I chose to be on the Board so that I can be a voice for parents and students and balance that with my knowledge of education and human development.  As a Primary Teacher and Special Needs Co-Ordinator (for both Learning Difficulties and Gifted and Talented students) I have a genuine passion for ensuring that all students are provided with the best education and co-curricular opportunities available and that this is achieved in partnership with family and whanau.  I strongly believe that all students and teachers have the right to work and learn in a positive, supportive and inclusive environment. 

I love working with Board members and staff who are so professional and proactive in ensuring that Morrinsville College is able to meet the educational needs and demands of the future and would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve on the Board as an elected member. 


Hiria King Tamihana-Toby - (New Candidate)

My name is Hiria King Tamihana-Toby, married to Keith (Chief).  We have lived in Hoe-O-Tainui for 12 years after moving from Christchurch and currently have two daughters attending Morrinsville College.

I was a member of the Tahuna School Board of Trustees for seven years and still have strong ties with them as their ‘cultural adviser’ to the local iwi. 

My husband and I chose to send our children to Morrinsville College, not because it was the closest college to where we live, but because we believe that it doesn’t matter where you send your children to be educated, it is the support that we offer them that will help them to strive.  As parents, the support we give them goes a long way to helping them to achieve.

Becoming a member of the Morrinsville College Board of Trustees is my way of supporting the College in its endeavour to offer our children the best systems there can be and by helping to set goals and making sure that these goals are met.  Trust and support go hand in hand no matter what your cultural background or ethnicity may be.

I would be humbly honoured to represent you as a parent representative on the Board of Trustees at Morrinsville College.


Shane Mellow - (Current Co-opted Board Member)

I, Shane Mellow, would like to be elected to the Morrinsville College Board of Trustees.  As of the beginning of next year I will have two daughters attending Morrinsville College.

I have been a co-opted Board member since July 2013.  I believe I have a commonsense, mature, realistic approach to life and I am not afraid to ask the hard questions or approach the community for their opinion or help.  I believe we need more parental involvement in the school.  I believe that any negative talk in town about the school is most often not correct due to little involvement in school life by some parents and caregivers.

I believe the staff at Morrinsville College do the best for our children.  Their hands are sometimes tied because of Ministry of Education policies and a lack of support from some sectors in our community.

As in life we will have our scholars who will succeed at school and we will have those who do not.  Of those people who do not succeed, most will nevertheless be successful in life and some will go on to make a fortune.  However, some will be on the dole for an extended period of time and some will turn to crime.  That is the reality of life.

In my short term on the Board we have continued to do our very best to ensure that our school is drug free and that behaviour issues are addressed.  Our school reflects our Morrinsville community and sadly when some parents are bad role models and do not back us up we fight an uphill battle.  Ninety-five percent of our students are positive and respectful.  Unfortunately, the other 5% sometimes let us down. 

At the recent sports prizegiving we recognised a large number of students who have represented the school and community at regional, national and international levels, something that I am very proud of and that some parents perhaps do not know about.  The school is extremely strong in the Arts.  We also have an outstanding group of academic achievers. 

I am passionate about OUR school.  With your vote and community support we can carry on the proud name of Morrinsville College.









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